USC Marshall School of Business
presented by: 
Black Graduate Business Leaders x
Latino Management & Business Association 


February 26, 2022

USC Hotel

Are you moving FORWARD? 

The FORWARD Summit highlights Black and Latinx business leaders who are making waves across industries. The Summit will connect, inspire and elevate a new generation to chart paths and break barriers through exposure, empowerment, and opportunity.

USC's Black Graduate Business Leaders x Latino Management & Business Association are committed to providing professional leadership resources that will close the representation gap in business management. By bringing together students - current and prospective - alumni, and professionals, the FORWARD Summit will introduce a broad pipeline of diverse talent.



Saturday, February 27, 2021

9 AM

9:20 AM 

10:15 AM

11:15 AM*

12:10 PM

1-3 PM

*Panels running concurrently

Opening Remarks

The C-Suite Roundtable

EnFocus: Racial Representation in Entertainment



Closing Remarks

Optional Networking