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Leadership Presentation


Breaking Barriers, Building Futures​​

As we continue to navigate an ever-evolving world, what is the future of business for Black and LatinX leaders? The conference program will delve into the realms of creativity, innovation, and progress, exploring what it means to forge new paths and create opportunities amidst disruption and transformation across a variety of industries.​



The rapid expansion of digital transformation has brought many changes to the entertainment industry, from the type of content that is created to how and by whom it is created and consumed. This panel will discuss the increasing importance of diverse representation in media, explore the cultural impact of entertainment and how diverse representation is good for business and society.


This panel will highlight the experiences and journeys of diverse business leaders who have successfully entered new markets and capitalized on unmet needs within their communities. Focusing specifically on Black and Latinx business owners, who will share their insights on overcoming challenges, seizing opportunities, and breaking barriers in entrepreneurship.


This panel will feature Black and Latinx professionals in the industry, will discuss the current state of technology, and explore ways to leverage it in service of advancing Black and LatinX career paths.

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