Scholarship Details

Deadline: Feb 13, 11:59pm

Each year, the FORWARD Summit committee awards scholarships to USC Marshall graduate students who exemplify commitment and identification with the African-American and/or Latino community. Recipients are selected on the basis of academic and personal merit and demonstrated commitment within the African-American and/or Latino community and FORWARD Summit Mission.


FORWARD Summit Mission: The FORWARD Summit highlights Black and Latinx business leaders who are making waves across industries. The Summit will connect, inspire and elevate a new generation to chart paths and break barriers through exposure, empowerment, and opportunity.


  • All students who are currently enrolled in any USC Marshall graduate degree program, and will continue to be enrolled in that graduate program in Fall 2022 

  • Must be a registered member of Marshall’s Black Graduate Business Leaders (BGBL) or Latino Management & Business Club (LMBA)

  • Must not have a full-tuition scholarship 

  • Must be in attendance of 2022 FORWARD Summit Conference on February 26, 2022

Application Process

Answer the below 2 questions and submit your responses here:

  • Q1: Describe your commitment to fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Black and Latinx communities (max 500 words)

  • Q2: This year's theme is " today's change-makers, tomorrow's innovators"- what does this mean to you? (max 200 words)

"The mission of The FORWARD Summit is something that I really connect with. As a black woman who has navigated the professional environment, I know the importance of not only having support but also paying it forward to others. This scholarship allows me to stress less on finances, and focus more on my purpose here at usc"

Alganesh Tamyalew

"as a first-generation student, funding my graduate education has always been stressful. the forward summit scholarship perfectly aligned with my values and helped provide financial relief for my family and me. it serves as another motivation for me to continue and use my education to give back"

Hoguer Sanchez